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Now Approved for Facelift Surgery

ARTISS is indicated to adhere tissue flaps during facial rhytidectomy surgery (face-lift). ARTISS is not indicated as an adjunct to hemostasis.

  • Allows up to 60 seconds to manipulate and position the flap prior to polymerization1
  • Full surface adherence to minimize dead space between wound bed and applied tissues1
  • In the pivotal clinical study, significantly reduced drainage volumes compared to standard of care1
  • Just thaw and warm—no mixing or reconstitution required1
  • Do not inject ARTISS directly into blood vessels. Intravascular application of ARTISS may result in life-threatening thromboembolic events
  • Air or gas embolism has occurred with the use of spray devices employing a pressure regulator to administer fibrin sealants. This event appears to be related to the use of the spray device at higher than recommended pressures and in close proximity to the tissue surface

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