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See how ARTISS works.

See how ARTISS [Solutions for Sealant] works.


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ARTISS use in a facelift procedure.

ARTISS [Solutions
for Sealant] use in
a facelift procedure.


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ARTISS use on a radial forearm burn.

Provides Time for the Finishing Touch

Provides Time for the Finishing Touch

ARTISS [Solutions for Sealant] – first and only fibrin sealant custom designed for subcutaneous tissue adherence in plastic surgery1

  • Allows up to 60 seconds to manipulate and position the flap1,2
  • Full surface adherence eliminating dead space1,2
  • Significantly reduces drainage volumes compared to standard of care3,4
  • May eliminate the need for surgical drains3,4
  • Reduces the incidence of hematoma and seroma compared to standard of care3,4
  • Frozen ready-to-use formulation—no mixing or diluting required5

Clinical Evidence

A study evaluating the benefits of a fibrin sealant for abdominoplasty compared 91 patients randomized into 2 groups to compare the use of a fibrin sealant (n=48) with the control where no sealant was used (n=43) for standard abdominoplasty.3

  • The fibrin sealant group showed a significant reduction in prolonged drainage (5% vs 30% > 3 days) and
    in seroma/hematoma formation (4% vs 19%)
  • There was no significant difference in mean age (39 vs. 40), body mass index (26 vs. 26), and amount of
    tissue removed (990 grams vs. 928 grams) between the groups

Post-Bariatric Surgical Case

An abdominoplasty resection can be considerably large in post-bariatric patients due to extreme weight loss. Professor Nidal Toman demonstrates use of ARTISS [Solutions for Sealant] to achieve full surface adherence.

Abdominoplasty Surgical Case

Professor Nidal Toman administers ARTISS [Solutions for Sealant] after adequate hemostasis has been achieved during an abdominoplasty surgical procedure.

ARTISS Use in Abdominoplasty

This animation provides a step-by-step overview of ARTISS [Solutions for Sealant] application for optimal results in abdominoplasty.


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